Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Poland - 2013 (EN)

Seria: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Rodzaj publikacji: Report

Rok wydania: 2014

Język: EN , PL

ISBN: 978-83-7633-257-4


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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report − Poland 2013 presents the condition of entrepreneurship in Poland compared to the other countries worldwide, including the USA and European countries in particular in 2013. It also presents the changes in entrepreneurial attitudes of Poles in the last three years. As in the previous editions, this year’s Report describes intentions and motivations of Poles to start business activity and its further development. It also shows the determinants of entrepreneurship in such aspects as entrepreneurship policy, access to financing, technology transfer, cultural and social determinants, as well as factors conducive to the development of entrepreneurship of women, high growth enterprises, and young people.

A special topic in this year’s Report is well-being , i.e. the quality of life of entrepreneurs. The assumption made in GEM is that it comprises such factors as the sense of well-being, balance between work and private life, experienced level of stress, and job or income satisfaction. In this Report, we looked at entrepreneurs in Poland in comparison with other countries of the world and other social groups. We also analysed the factors linked to the quality of life of entrepreneurs in Poland, such as age, gender, education, size of household, or the sector of business activity. Moreover, we examined how the ability to decide about one’s activities or the sense of importance of the work performed affects the perceived quality of life.

Spis treści

1. About the GEM study
2. Results of the Adult Population Survey (APS)
3. Determinants of entrepreneurship development – results of National Experts Survey (NES)
4. Well-being, i.e. the quality of life of entrepreneurs in the international context

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